Beautiful young man. I wish I knew more about this picture. He reminds me of my oldest son.

N American Indians . The proud Indian people, who had inhabited their land for centuries were not welcomed by most of the settlers . Who saw the land as theirs for the taking. Rick Mora -Yaqui and Apache

Michael Clarke Duncan R.I.P. December 10, 1957-September 3, 2012 - - Rendez vos souvenirs durables ! - Sauvegarde - Transfert - Copie - Restauration de bande magnétique Audio

Michael Clarke Duncan (December 1957 – September was an American actor, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile.

H.P.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Rowling has taught readers a lot through her seven Harry Potter books. The series has taught us about courage, showed us how to be better people, and it's even given us a fair share of fatherly advice.

I absolutely love this show but am I the only one who's a little weirded out be Rumbelle?

From last episode 16 on season 4 is seems like Rumple is really running out of time! Belle rescue your true love!

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Yes, chandeliers always aid love. Romy Schneider & Alain Delon, dancing at home,

vogue-i-s-my-religion:runwayandbeauty:Taylor Marie Hill outside...

vogue-i-s-my-religion:runwayandbeauty:Taylor Marie Hill outside... (Nothing less than perfect)

chanelstreets: “amy-ambrosio: “ Taylor Marie Hill after Dolce & Gabbana F/W MFW by Matteo Bianchessi. ” ¿b/w posts?

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PHOTOS: Vintage Vending Machines

{Fc: Elle Fanning} "Hi, I am Victoria but you can call me Vicky. I am sixteen and a servant for the royal children (the princes and princesses). I help clean their clothes, and make their beds...and I have a itsy bitsy crush on one of the princes...but I don't think he even knows I exist." I frown. "Oh well, introduce?" -Vicky

Elle Fanning pour Lolita Lempicka ou le nouveau visage du parfum mythique

nigel planer, rik mayall, and madness on the young ones

Rik Mayall, British Alternative Comic, Dies at 56

New York Times: June 2014 - Obituary: British "alternative" comic, actor and writer Rik Mayall dies at 56

I'm lost.. Will you help me find the way>><<

løst - 1 - Lana

wastedchildhoods: “ i want to do this with my friends. just be out at night with no real destination, exploring the city and just having fun. like we would lose track of time, it’d be so epic.

Rawr, why will no one do finger tattoos?  (I mean I know why)  But I want!

26 Simple And Striking Dotted Finger Tattoos

photography pretty girl cute fashion Cool A photo style hands black Grunge nails nail art ink bling accessories goth tribal finger tattoo beaty

Something my husband would wear just to freak me out.

Si Chan

I love the hands.Fashion designer Si Ieong Chan has created Hug Me, a Fall/Winter collection of men’s outerwear that includes a green puffy jacket with five sets of interlocking hands, a pink gingham suit with wrapping/grabbing hands and more.


Trendy Men's Style & Look Picture Description Plaid shirt with coat and matching scarf and a young beanie//Worn with tighter fit jeans