Make Thieves Tea to help with cold and flu symptoms!!  This works for me every time!  More details in the post when you click the image.

Thieves Tea - Support The Immune System With Essential Oils

Relieve sinus pressure! Swab inside & up your nose! Burns for a second but clears fairly quick! Works amazing!

The Scoop on Essential Oils

Mama Loves Her Oils!: DIY Young Living Essential Oil Allergy Bomb Roller. Great and natural allergy relief!

How to Use Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Roller recipe: 3 drops Lavender Essential Oil 3 drops Lemon Essential Oil 3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil sweet almond oil Mix in a roller bottle. Use as needed on chest or sinus areas to help with occasional seasonal discomfort.

Natural Remedies Sinus Congestion Chest Congestion

When I started using Young Living’s essential oils, I knew there had to be something that could encourage proper nasal function.