Young Justice Season 2

merildae: headcannon that after season 2 of young justice, dick has abstract nightmares about wallys death :(

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Community Post: 16 Facts About Time That Could Blow Your Mind

Waiting for season 3 of Young Justice... Or season 2 of firefly... Or season 4 of sherlock

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robin's eyes are soooo beautiful in the second season before I knew that Artemis only faked died and Nightwing looked at that pic and said thoughs words I couldn't contain myself. I just burst out crying.

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Season 2 Episode 18 Intervention: Zatanna summoning the power to free both Green Beetle & Blue Beetle from the Reach

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gosh I miss them when they were younger. And I thought I wanted them to grow up... Can we just all agree season 2 never happened? (except for a few Spitfire gifs?) ALSO THAT'S JUST BEFORE WE LOST HIM. OH WALLY WHYYYY

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