I thought you still wanted to be in my life when you said that you missed me. Then i noticed that you unblocked me so i thought that you still wanted to be a part of my life. I learned tonight that i was wrong.abandoned, unwanted, and worthless

@Jess, you're a cheating piece of shit. And I hope it tears you apart to know I gave you my everything and you destroyed what I had given you. You don't deserve the piece of me you took. I hate you.

You have to get hurt. That’s how you learn. The strongest people out there, the ones who laugh the hardest with a genuine smile, those are the people who have fought the toughest battles. Because they’ve decided that they’re not going to let anything hold

my Ex Kam...he left me and still told me he loved me after he did it. It was extremely confusing.

my Ex Kam.he left me and still told me he loved me after he did it. It was extremely confusing.

But then you left me behind - only a couple of weeks before I would have followed you to Ireland.

I'll still leave everything behind for you, Alexis, except for Jesus. I don't want to lose you, but I cannot lose Jesus.

"Last night, I told the sky about how you broke my heart. It has been raining ever since." - Steffi Sharma

"Last night, I told the sky about how you broke my heart. It has been raining ever since." - Steffi Sharma Daaaaamnnn you are dissed😂

Yeah, just like that, you make me slightly happier than I was then boom, I never hear from you again. Thanks for the self destruction

I haven’t seen him in almost 2 years accept for in passing and I still feel as though he likes me and, unfortunately, I can never get him completely out of my head.

remember when you said that you’d never leave me, hurt me, or do anything to lose me because you’re so in love with me. Yeah, you lied.

You said you wouldn't leave but you did, everyone leaves in the end. I don't know why i thought it would be different this time. Why did you lie?

The moment that you left me my heart was split in two. One side was filled with memories. The other side died... #goodbye #missing #died

The moment that you left me, my heart was split in two; one side was filled with memories; the other side died with you . Remembering you is easy, I do it every day; but missing you is a heartache that never goes away. I miss you Dad

when things go hard/you left/because it was easier/for you to walk/out/than stand by me/and fight/I guess you never/loved me like/you said you did.

Why was it so easy for you to walk away from me with no contact at all. You left me when I needed you the most I needed you by my side while I saved myself now I don't care without you whats the point.

"I cried when you left me, but then I laughed when I saw what you left me for."

24 Wise AF Quotes To Help You Heal Your Broken Heart

She’s all that and a old bag of sagging boobs with a sprinkle of hypocrisy sautéed in lying ugly grandma style Christianity! You could go as Shrek? Because She’s a perfect Fiona! No makeup needed!

goal: to not waste my time on anyone i don't know is missing me back.  it's a work in progress.

I miss you so much. Just talking to you. Something happens, and you are the first person I wanna tell it to. But I can't and it kills me. I miss you so much it hurts

Except I didn't see it coming from you. I trusted you and you left me. You said once that I would eventually leave you. Funny how you left me instead.

story of my life.and its ok, because from those that left i learned so much.and i now have a few ppl in my life that i know won't ever leave

All for shallow reasons and I truly hope your happy.

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"I think what hurts the most is when you give your all to someone. Through thick and thin, you're there for them. You stick with them, no matter what. Then one day they just give up. The one thing you would never have done, they did with no hesitation.