On the all consuming nature of love. | "You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars." — E. E. Cummings

14 Love Quotes That Prove Your Favorite Authors Were TOTAL Romantics

You Are My World - Marty Sampson (Hillsong) [ 2000 ] From the album “You Are My World” by Hillsong Live

SIMONE: Love the look and colors. You Are My World - Marty Sampson (Hillsong) [ 2000 ] From the album “You Are My World” by Hillsong Live

  You are my rainbow after those stormy moments in my life. You are the silver lining to my dark clouded days. You are my shining star. You are my utterly butterly hunnylisious lover. You’re kind of, sort of basically pretty much always on my mind. I truly honestly love you. I want you today, tomorrow, next week and for

Baby, you are my world! Please allow yourself to think this about me.

why I'm into you. Is pretty simple. I'm kind, but I rarely take people in. When I do its like they live inside my thoughts. I let the things they say follow me in my spare time, my loneliness, my world. I did not choose you. It is a simple impact of you on me. And after a while you start wondering and it feels like taking care of that person because each day becomes more precious to you. You worry and start thinking if they are ok. Make scenarios of how their life will unfold based on the…

I don't respect someone who is vague, passive aggressive, hims and haws, beats around the bush and lies. Then, blames ME for not being weird and not communicating.

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Forever and ever I want you so badly. I am so deeply in love with you.you are my everything my whole world my whole heart and soul. Baby we are soulmates. Xoxo except the kids thing it is US.