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Artist: Yoshitaka Amano- all i can think about is when they're like "mysterious as the dark side of the mooooon" from mulan :)

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天野喜孝 (Yoshitaka Amano) - Illustration from the book イマジン (Imagine) - 1987 #femalesamurai #martialarts

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Yoshitaka Amano, Vampire Hunter D, Coffin: The Art Of Vampire Hunter D, Doris Lang, D (Vampire Hunter D)

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enchantingimagery: Cinderella being transformed by her Fairy Godmother. An illustration from the art-book Marchen by Yoshitaka Amano. Image found here-

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Final Fantasy V

Yoshitaka Amano (1952) is one of the prominent artist, character designer, illustrator in japan. I really like his drawing style which is mixed Nouveau style's art and classic japan's style of painting. His painting looks a bit bizarre and gloomy but gorgeous even thought do not use too much colors.

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