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Benin voodoo festival - in pictures

Benin: Benin's Mysterious Voodoo Religion Is Celebrated In Its Annual Festival A Egungun spirit stands during the ceremony. Ouidah is Benin's voodoo heartland, and thought to be the spiritual birthplace of voodoo or vodun as it known in Benin. Ouidah, a former slave port on the Atlantic Ocean, about 25 miles from Cotonou, Benin's capital city, is known by many as the birthplace of voodoo Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images


Yemanja is an orisha, originally of the Yoruba religion, who has become prominent in many Afro-American religions. Yoruba people, from what is now called Yorubaland, brought Yemaya/Yemoja and a host of other deities/energy forces in nature with them when they were brought to the shores of the Americas as captives. She is the ocean, the essence of motherhood, and a fierce protector of children.


african gods and goddesses | ... God) in the Yoruba religious system. (Olodumare is also known by by Ogun


Goddess of the Ocean and the New Year. "Iemanjá" known as "Yemanjá" or "Janaína" in Brazilian Candomblé and Umbanda religions. And Yemaya" in the folklore of Yoruba and Afro-Caribbean.


Voodoo is an animist religion that consecrates a cult to Loas (gods) and to the ancestors. Voodoo originated in Africa, specifically with the Fon, Yoruba, and Ewe tribes. Geographically, those ethnic groups can be found throughout Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Nigeria. More than a religion or a cult of death, voodoo plays a major role in everyday life through the symbolization of the African traditions for the Haitian people. Read more…

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Benin voodoo festival - in pictures

Africa | The Egungun wear flamboyant sequin-spangled capes adorned with animal and human motifs. Their faces were veiled by cowry shell screens and it is said to be bad luck if you see their eyes. Eyewitness: Voodoo style, Ouidah, Benin. | © Dan Kitwood

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These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

Yemaya en Cuba, deidad africana, madre divina de la humanidas Orisha mayor, madre de la vida y madre de algunos dioses. Dueña del mar y de la luna. Diosa de la maternidad universal y de las aguas salobres. Es la dueña de las aguas y al representar al mar como fuente fundamental de la vida se considera madre universal. No sólo es dueña de los mares, sino de todo lo que hay en ellos.. deidad de mar, hija de Obatala y esposa de Aganju, madre de Shango

One of Havana, Cuba many beautifully dressed "abuelitas".


Mawu (“MAH-woo”). The goddess of Earth-and-sky, exalted in West African Vodun religion. She is goddess of the moon and and represents the wisdom of age. Mawu can help you age with grace and become an empowered elder. Together, with Lisa her twin flame, they form an androgynous two-in-one deity.