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Yoruba Orishas

Yoruba African Orishas Poster

Pictures With All The Orishas | Orishas Poster Photograph by James C Lewis - Yoruba African Orishas ...

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African Art* I thought this artist beautiful work could best represent the face of real life African(American) Edward Mozingo-An Angolan Warrior captured during the Portuguese-Angolan Colonial Wars (14th-20th). Edward Mozingo became one, if not the first, African indenture in Colonial English America to fight in court for his freedom, and win. His descendants are of multi-ethnic backgrounds. * art not a rendering of Edward Mozingo

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Human anatomy in relation to the Orisha. Beautiful chart provided by @fasubeji thanks again for this information. @fasubeji is an Iyanifa (Ifa priestess) and a holistic health practitioner. She has a beautiful Orisha/Ifa page y'all should check out.

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These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

Photo-manipulation by James C. Lewis inspired by Yoruba deities called Orisha - Found via Buzzfeed, artist's website here:

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