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Tim Kendall’s Prize Winning Ginger Parkin 4 oz unsalted butter or margarine 3 oz dark muscovado sugar 6 oz golden syrup 4 oz black treac...

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James Martin’s Yorkshire Parkin cake

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Parkin. Traditional ginger and treacle cake

TRADITIONALLY ENJOYED IN Yorkshire on Bonfire Night, parkin is a seasonal treat, packed with black treacle and spiced with ginger. It's the oatmeal in the recipe that gives it a unique, not quite ginger cake, texture. Bettys have been making it in Harrogate for 30 years, so they should know what they're on about! Bag yourself a Bettys traditional Yorkshire parkin for Bonfire Night. If you're in the mood for baking one yourself here's Bettys' recipe for mini parkin. Ingredients…

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Sticky Yorkshire Parkin

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Yorkshire parkin & blackberry trifle

Turn a traditional Bonfire Night treat of freshly baked parkin into James Martin's irresistible layered dinner party dessert that can be assembled early and chilled until serving

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6 Easy Steps to Perfect Yorkshire Parkin

There are many types of classic British Parkin but the best recipe comes from Yorkshire. Yorkshire Parkin is sweet, sticky and so easy to make.

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Sticky yorkshire parkin

This classic Sticky Yorkshire Parkin Recipe is made from oats. In the past, it was often served with a seasonal fruit compote.

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My grandma's original recipe for parkin makes beautifully moist and delicious cake. Lovely for afternoon tea - and we sometimes have it for breakfast too!!

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Yorkshire parkin

A classic Yorkshire ginger cake - a perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea. Make this a few days in advance to mature.

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BBQ parkin

Parkin (a traditional Yorkshire cake made with ginger, treacle and oats) baked on a barbecue.

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Granny Jones’ Yorkshire parkin

Elsie’s recipe for Yorkshire Parkin.

Tour de Yorkshire parkin cake

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