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The Vault Files: Carry-on essentials. Except you'd have to buy a water bottle in the airport, can't bring it with you

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speech 2 ✈ TWA FLIGHT 800 ✈ Long Island Jumbo Jet Disaster ✈

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Seattle airport - the TUBE to the next terminal. Kind of freaky. Open elevator doors and it moves sideways!

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On the morning of 11 September 2001, 19 hijackers took control of four commercial passenger jets flying out of airports on the east coast of the United States. Two of the aircraft were deliberately flown into the main two towers (the Twin Towers) of the World Trade Center in New York, with a third hitting the Pentagon in Virginia.

Taking the whole world by storm! Kendall Jenner lends her lithe limbs and star power to one of Thailand's top fashion retailers as she stars in chic campaign | Daily Mail Online

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//Slim and trim: Victoria Beckham arrived at John F Kennedy airport in New York City on Monday dressed in a pair of bright pink trousers and a smart shirt

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