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Todd Standings Bigfoot Sightings | Paranormal Central Bigfoot Report for 3-30-2014

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Photography by Jamie Morgan, Styling by Tamara Rothstein for Pop A/W 2010 Issue

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Are these amazing new images proof Bigfoot actually exists? Hiker snaps creature in woods

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Hiking couple claim new footage shows Bigfoot out for a walk in the wilds of Canada

Close-Up: This zoomed in image shows the figure in the center that was filmed by a couple out for a hike in Mission, Canada

The Fault In Our Weddings -> That's the thing about wedding photos, they demand to be ruined...

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Three Yeti Sightings Reported In Siberia Ahead Of 'Abominable Snowman' Expedition (PICTURES)

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Why don't people see the yeti any more?

As Bhutan modernises, fewer people are going up into the mountains but this means reports of yeti sightings are becoming rarer.

Another Alleged Yeti Sighting Has Come Out Of Russia, Complete With Creepy Video

Another Alleged Yeti Sighting Has Come Out Of Russia