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Mixed Media Portraits by Stéphanie Ledoux Stephanie Ledoux était l'année dernière au Grand Bivouac et je l'ai loupée !!


Stunning photos of the isolated mountaintop villages in Yemen

In these precariously perched homes, Yemeni people are removed from the civil… | yemen | On July 2, 2007 a terror attack at the ancient Mahram Bilqis Temple at Ma'rib in Yemen caused the death of several Spanish tourists and Yemeni people.

Sleeping baby and flies - Saudi Arabia | by Eric Lafforgue - This sleeping baby girl covered of flies is not saudi, she is yemeni. Many yemeni people live along the coast of Tihama, on the KSA side. Most of them came decades ago as workers, but now they are mostly replaced by philipino, indian etc. But they stay in KSA and many have kept their traditional way of life: beautiful villages with thatched huts.