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Yellow Occasion Crockery Sets

Use various vintage plates to serve guests at a bridal shower, baby shower or any event to immediately give a shabby chic/vintage feel to your special occasion!


Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain Tablescape D aisies... sweet... innocent ...fresh. They are an all girl flower! And the inspiration for this table set near...


Claude Monet's dining room. The furniture ,also painted yellow, was considered very modern at the time. In the glass cabinets are displayed the blue earthenware crockery and the yellow and blue set , ordered by Monet for special occasions.

Whimsical + Bright Summer Garden Wedding

Photography: Ryan Ray - Read More:

Maize and lemon-colored gauze cuffed with pleated Cumberland, finished with a crystal pillar-style arrangement topped with yellow vanda and cymbidium orchids. @grace_ormonde @wedding_style