Unique basketball yearbook picture.

Another great angle that the audience doesn't see. It connects the players on a much more personal level because of what they wrote on their arms.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics #funnypics #funny #lol

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 38 Pics>>>This is funny but she specifically said she doesn't want to fall in love?

The Portrait Photographer: Yearbook Photography- Sports

The Portrait Photographer: Yearbook Photography- Sports ----- Taking sport team pictures in a unique way to make it look more interesting

make it slightly larger and do the elected senors in the same frame, maybe? -Katelyn D

With our book incorporating polaroids in it, I believe this would be a unique way to carry that theme through on the Senior Superlative page.

This would be a really cool picture to take at either the Homecoming or Battle of the strip game. Its a great picture since the players are all lined up on the line and getting ready for game time.

Single shot-- this photo captures a cool moment between the team and also shows how big the team is. You see them ready to play but also saluting the flag.

We are happy to wait for prom photos before we print your yearbooks. #yearbook #yearbooks #nationalyearbookday

This yearbook page is a mortise. And it really cool because it is vibrant and has a lot of pictures