Really enjoying working on these ocean inspired tattoo commissions <3 these two are definitely part of my favourites. More projects like this please ! :) ~ contact me by email for any inquiries. (These two designs are NOT available, thanks for not using them!) #miletune

40 Inspirational Creative Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Three words that will end any friendship...haha

Half-Blood Prince

Three words that will end any friendship.and make you realized that friend lives under a rock.

Yin Yang personality types, signs of excess, foods and activities to correct the excess, plus interactive test to help determine your type. Based on Chinese traditional medicine and Korean Sasang (four body types) medicine.

Take this test to find out whether you have Yin or Yang personality type. Detailed theory overview and interactive test.

Used to be the childhood Angel. Pure white wings surround your back. But as your grow deeper into your head. The demons comes out. And your pure white wings lose some of their feathers. And they turn coal black. And the demon have took over. The demon is now on the surface forever.

Stalked by Demons, Guarded by Angels. And i will make it out alive

RWBY "I'm going to adopt this entire team!" Lol taiyang

"I'm going to adopt this entire team!"

I'm pretty sure they both have parents. Well, Weiss would want to get away from her father. I THINK we got a good glimpse of Blake's parents in the Volume 4 Opening. Don't believe mee? take a good look at the two people by Blake after Sun appears.


adoxography - beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance. So, instead of an autobiography, I'd write an adoxography!

The Breakfast Club: then and now Definitely one of my favorite movies

The Breakfast Club - Then and Now (OC)

Funny pictures about The Breakfast Club: then and now. Oh, and cool pics about The Breakfast Club: then and now. Also, The Breakfast Club: then and now.