Callisto "Hudson Leick" Xena: Warrior Princess (1996-2000)

Callisto "Hudson Leick" Xena: Warrior Princess - Its probably suicidal but I really liked Callista - D.

Xena - Not all princesses need to be rescued, sometimes they are the rescuers

Lucy Lawless - Xena Warrior Princess - I like her because like me she was both good and bad according to her mood only difference was that she had Danelle.

Cult star! Lucy's character Xena Warrior Princess began as a Hercules spin-off  but quickl...

Lucy Lawless responds to rumours of a Xena Warrior Princess reboot

Lucy's character Xena Warrior Princess began as a Hercules spin-off but quickl.

Xena la Guerrière (& sa fidèle Gabrielle, AHEM quand j'étais gamine je savais rien de c'qui s'passait vraiment entre elles hein..)

"Xena -- Warrior Princess" -- Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle and Lucy Lawless as…

11 Reasons Xena: Warrior Princess Is Better Than Game Of Thrones (full disclosure: I only made it through one book in Game of Thrones and five minutes of the related show. I hate them both almost as much as I hate Girl . . . Tattoo . . . Dragonthingy, which is the worst thing ever in the world.)

Xena contained way more girl on girl, er, wrestling.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Xena - Callisto (Season for fans of Xena: Warrior Princess images.

xena warrior princess | 11 reasons xena warrior princess is better than game of thrones best ...

R2-D2 Cake With Princess Leia's Distress Call

Xena Warrior Princess - Cosplayed by Bernadette Bentley Photo by John Jiao Photography taken at San Diego Comic Con 2014 Armor by Todd's Costumes: Movie Costumes, Props & Collectables

Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Xena Costume for Halloween.

Lucy Lawless as Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess (1995–2001)

Lucy Lawless appeared in "Treehouse of Horror X" as Xena. Lisa: Hey, Xena can fly! Lucy: I told you, I'm not Xena. I'm Lucy Lawless!