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The Xbox One price drop isn't just to boost sales, says Microsoft | Ben Gilbert @RealBenGilbert May 13th 2014

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Buying Guide: The 10 best Xbox One accessories 2016 -> Best Xbox One accessories With the Xbox One approaching its third birthday Microsoft and its hardware partners have better realized what the console is (and isn't). The Kinect is almost a dirty word while controllers and storage solutions have been refined to fit what discerning Xbox gamers want. Whether you're using your Xbox One for video streaming dominating noobs online or keeping the ultimate…

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Everything you need to know about Xbox One:

Microsoft reverses Xbox One DRM policy, kills required online check-in and used game complications.

Xbox One Designers Discuss ‘Holistic’ Approach to Console, Controller Aesthetic | EGMNOW

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Best Xbox One Black Friday Deals Online! - #Blackfriday, #Videogames, #Xboxone

Meet Xbox One. The Xbox One includes a camera which can be controlled by motion technology and it can also be contolled using voice commands. You can share gameplay on minimovies on social networks and play online using Xbox Live.

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