Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Token Holder

Star Wars X-Wing Miniaturen Token Halter Master von GearForgeStudio

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Star Wars X-wing Miniatures Token Holder Master by GearForgeStudio

This was the actual shield generator used by the Rebel Alliance to protect a portion of the ice-planet Hoth during the Battle of Hoth. Ok, not really, but it looks good, am I right?  This guy is 83mm (3.3 in) long, 38mm (1.5in) wide and sits 20mm (.75in) tall. Use it for your custom scenario battle on Hoth in conjuntion with your X-Wing Miniatures.  This is made out of Gray PLA Plastic. (X-Wing not included)  Attribution:

DSS-02 Hoth Shield Generator - X-Wings

X-Wing miniatures repaint

A re-painted and re-packaged X-Wing game miniature. Painted and detailed as Wedge Antilles& Red 2 X-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars; A New Hope Motion Picture.