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Westfield Flagship Just as Jigsaw opened their first store in 1972 �to sell stylish clothes in inspiring surroundings� the store for Westfield, London has been designed with this in mind. Checkland Kindleysides is an independent design consultancy, specialising in retail design, graphics, brand identity, commercial interiors and interactive design.

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Charlotte Bronte and her novel "Jane Eyre": a review

Charlotte Bronte. Phenomenal author. Experienced profound loss in her life and overcame a troublesome childhood. If only she knew how famous she became.

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The 50 best Spring days out

Llusion and I are excited for the day when we can have a back yard with big trees so that she can have a treehouse.

Image of the great Cthulhu via The Lovecraftsman

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Biggest ever collection of Chinese artefacts set to arrive in Britain

Another terracotta army: Ceramic soldiers of the second century BC stand on eternal guard duty - protecting the king of the northern Chinese kingdom of Chu. Twenty five of these warriors will feature in the Cambridge exhibition. Excavation - Xuzhuo (pottery figures). Terracotta warrior pits from Shizishan