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German poster displayed in Poland stating that “The German soldier is the guarantor of victories.” Here, the Soviet Union becomes a ravening wolf, the American eagle a balding vulture, and Britain a snake.


This Alexander Pope painting depicts a World War I Red Cross dog carrying the helmet of a wounded French soldier in the midst of a gas barrage.


rcast || Impact of WWII on BRITAIN .. this picture shows how people weren't allowed to talk about the has a man half dressed as a German war general and half dressed as as a normal civilian quoting "you never know." This shows just how tight security was to ensure that nobody mentions,or gives away information, about the war. It is saying that normal people even friends could be actually German spies and could overhear information if one was discussing it. ..//FEB16

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World War Two: The Home Front

BRITISH WW II >..Hitler was the leader of the German army. Naturally, the enemy wouldnt have sent a warning that they were going to drop bombs of gas, so people always had to be prepared. Gas masks were issued to every citizen. Fortunately, their use was never required.JAN16 More

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Agent ‘Fifi': The stunning British spy who seduced secrets of war from her ‘prey’

/....BRITISH WWII Keep Mum .. Agent ‘Fifi': The stunning British spy who seduced secrets of war from her ‘prey By Terrence McCoy September 18, 2014 A World War II propaganda poster created in 1941 by Harold Forster. “Keep Mum She’s Not so Dumb” is typical of Second World War British propaganda attempts to instill caution in the public through humorous, memorable slogans, rather than through fear-inducing images of spies and saboteurs. (Courtesy of Imperial War Museums/.JAN16