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'Make do and mend': Posters from WWI can inspire today

They were seriously gluten-intolerant, telling everyone to eat less bread. BRITISH WW I ....... JAN16

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World War One: The circus animals that helped Britain

Fascinating article from BBC about the conscription of circus animals due to shortages of horses.

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14 Wonderful Vintage Canadian Propaganda Posters

Another poster that encourages women to ration food during the war. This poster intends to make people think about what they eat - and, in a sense, make them feel guilty if they are eating wastefully.

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Commentators (esp. British) constructed a dichotomy between chivalrous air duels and atrocious air raids. Home pilots were honorable knights justly defending the empire; whereas, enemy bomber-pilot embodied the anti-knight, cruelly attacking women, children, wounded, sick, and the infirm. This British placard depicts German bombers targeting a Red Cross field hospital. Kaiser Wilhelm II gleefully points and tells Field Marshal von Hindenburg, "Look! ...My German Heroes!" WW1 propaganda [c…

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WW1, Verdun 1916. Spirit of La Resistance at Verdun engendered in this wartime poster.

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