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Verdun, 1916 Photo of a soldier’s hand left on the battlefield after the battle of Verdun in WWI. It is a horrific photo, not because of any gore and violence being seen. The hand is what is left from the violence that has occurred and leaves, in the viewers mind, the images of all the violence that must occurred before this image was captured.

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WW1. The surprising thing to me is not the number of men who understandably broke down in this hell-hole, but the number who did not.

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A German Tank of WW1. These monsters with a crew of 16 from 6 corps were first encountered by Australian troops at Villers-Bretoneux.

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Australian gunners on a duckboard track in Château Wood near Hooge, 29 October…

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This captures the horrors of WWI perfectly. As we approach the hundredth anniversary we would do well to remember.

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CO2 mon amour par Denis Cheissoux

Guerre de 14-18. "A un moment donné, le seul moyen de communication qu'ils (les vétérans) aient, c'est les larmes. Ils ne peuvent plus raconter". Maire de Craonne, Noël Genteur dans "CO2 Mon Amour" du 08/11/14 ("Le chemin des dames, vu par le maire de Craonne, maraîcher bio"). WWI image. Sources ? Clic 2X pour écouter.

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World War I, Battle of the Somme, 1916. A German soldier wearing a gas mask about to hurl a handgrenade from a trench.

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WW1 British soldier advance across barbed wire in No Man's Land

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