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Method Man (Clifford Smith) "...The aliens have just landed....And you in the way....Overthrow these nigga's planet...Independence day."


Forces in the world will tell you you're a victim - of your family, your race, your past, your history. Don't believe them. They don't know you. Look inside & find your true self. It's there. Give it a name. - Tao of Wu


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Martin Shkreli is the buyer of Wu-Tang Clan's ridiculous Once Upon A Time In Shaolin

Wu Zetian (624-705) is the only woman in Chinese history to assume the title of Emperor. She improved education, appointed talented people regardless family status, raised agricultural production, lowered oppressive taxes, & strengthened public works. She campaigned to elevate the status of women, reduced the army's size & aristocratic military men's influence on government by making everyone compete for positions by taking exams, setting the practice of government run by scholars.