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US Oil Production vs. WTI Price (1986-2016)

WTI Price Oil price collapsing, could set new low.OPEC meets in early December, but analysts expect it to take no action and maintain its position that the market should set prices. 2015-11-12

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Last year's worth of WTI pricing ending June 3, 2015 -

Brent and WTI prices are under pressure after the removal of sanctions over Iranian oil exports sparks concerns that crude prices will move even lower amid a global glut.

International agreements with Iran and Syria should ward off an escalation in geopolitical tensions, meaning that a significant increase in oil prices seems unlikely. Economists at Banca Imi have trimmed their forecasts for Brent and WTI prices and continue to see weak fundamentals for the oil market. Read more: #aboutoil #Iran #Syria

Gasoline futures turned down after WTI prices peaked in late Feb - will retail gasoline prices follow this time?

#Uganda shilling and global #market report - October 14 2016 The Uganda shilling crashed through a major support level (3450) and even kissed the next one (3475). The Uganda shilling now only has credible support at 3500. In between are just minor details. Resistance is now firm at 3425 and 3400. The chart indicates that this shilling is going to get worse (for importers) than better but wonderful for exporters. The Uganda shilling closed at 3448 on the US dollar 4201 on the British pound…

Brent, WTI Prices Close Steady Despite Intraday Declines