Love quotes of falling in love warm our hearts and fill our souls. Our ever entwining souls that were always bound to meet in joy and love and expand together through the grandest adventure of all. To read more stories of ever expanding love, open up

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I think we could've been something real. Maybe I'm wrong but I think he could've loved me. He meant a lot to me. Every smile, every glance from across the room, every time he made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe meant a lot to me. But he's doing all that and more with her now, and I'm left wondering if I ever meant anything to him at all.

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They're everything you've ever thought about love, but didn't know how to say.

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Check out these happy quotes, pictures and couples to inspire your love life! Dont let anything stand in your way for the quest for love!!

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I will always love you. Maybe I make it hard for you to tell me how you really feel. My love is intense and you don't have room for it. And I need to feel like I'm loved in return. I don't think you have those kinds of feelings for me anymore. I've been loosing you and its obvious. I will always wish I knew what I did wrong.....but I will always want you to be happy....

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