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The best free software for writers 2017

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create personal fingerprints filled with words and images that describe who they are... tie in text, and the element of line, emphasis on certain words... Turn into a song writing experience about self for group

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1. Attach an image (photo, magazine, etc.) to a notebook page and write about it. 2. What things will people in the future say abou...

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An Infographic about blood pattern analysis. Forensics fans will love.
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Library challenge cards - Get pupils excited about reading and properly engaged with books using this series of activities and challenges.

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This NO PREP detailed writing program will guide you through a year of writing lessons. It is a COMPLETE writing workshop with step-by-step mini lessons. Every lesson builds upon the previous skill within one piece of writing, which give students a thorough understanding of how to put a piece of writing together. There are separate bundles aligned for each Grade 1-8 and includes a Mentor Text Booklet with ALL grade levels. The lesson plans are filled with directions, special tips and…