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What books should a child read before they leave Primary School?


Working wall - The wall should exemplify the writing process from the 'reading as a writer' stage to the 'nearly finished' stage. Final presentations can be displayed in public areas of the school or in anthologies, portfolios or folders. The wall represents a workshop approach to writing - where the 'tools of the trade' are accessible, and added to, as the process develops. It is a good idea to allow children to make contributions to the wall; post-it notes are an ideal resource for this.


LOVE! Self portrait hand prints - dewestudio lesson Have the students write about their year. What did they think __grade was going to be like, what was it really like? How have they grown? What new things about themselves did they learn? Fill the hands with patterns and the background with their writing.


Portfolios: Each child has their own portfolio binder, which is updated routinely by his/her classroom teachers. The portfolio is a compilation of pictures, quotes, artwork, writing samples (if applicable), and information regarding developmental milestones that chronicles each individual child’s growth and development at Compass. Each portfolio is accessible in the classroom and parents can reference it at any time to gather information about their child’s early learning experiences.

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