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Repetition in writing is bad, but luckily the website proofreadingservices has created this chart of 128 words you can use instead of using "very" in front of various common words - it's very useful.

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Genre Mindmaps

These PDF mindmaps help you brainstorm ideas for your writing. Right now there are 4 genres: steampunk, sci-fi, romance and regency.

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Creative Writing Worksheets

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100 Days of Flash Fiction Prompts

Writing flash fiction is a terribly satisfying way to spend an hour or two. For your fleet-fingered effusions, I’ve collated all my Twitter flash fiction prompts into a handy ebook. You will find two sizes of the ebook for download, both with ample room for notes. Download as an A4 PDF file: Flash Fiction Prompts Ebook Download as…

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What is Rainbow Writing and How Does It Help Emerging Writers?

When we first started homeschooling, I saw rainbow writing all over the place, and I couldn't figure it out. Back then, Grace resisted all writing practice, and I didn't really investigate. Now tha...

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How to Grow As a Writer

How To Grow As A Writer | Do you want to fine tune your writing skills? Check out this post on growing as a writer.

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Rites & Rituals (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Rites and rituals are SO helpful in worldbuilding a strange culture. This writing worksheet is great for brainstorming.

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Write a Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This writing worksheet will help you brainstorm some ideas on how best to write a scene so that it fits in with your other scenes.

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Writing Aid - words that describe someone's voice (Butterfly and Bear)