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Writing Center Idea - I love this because it shows how the teacher did a center without a large footprint of classroom space.

I never thought of making a bulletin on a poster display. That is easy moveable and stored easily!

Just be! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life.: What is happening this week?

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Write a Scene (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

This #writing worksheet will help you brainstorm some ideas on how best to write a scene so that it fits in with the other scenes.

Pretend to be detective by reading tiny writing using magnifying glasses! EYFS


The odd bodyguard.

✐ DAILY WEIRD PROMPT ✐ THE (ODD) BODYGUARD Write a short story from the point of view of a character who works as a personal bodyguard. The catch? This character looks nothing like a fighter. Double catch? This character possesses an ability that makes their job VERY easy. Want more writerly content? Follow!:

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Rites & Rituals (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Rites and rituals are SO helpful in worldbuilding a strange culture. This writing worksheet is great for brainstorming.

123 Ideas for Character Flaws - Writers Write When you're creating characters for novels, short stories, comics, and games, you have to make sure they have flaws. Nobody is interested in perfect people. They tend to be boring.

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365 days in my shoes Day 5

Pie Corbett link for writing. Story mapping etc.

she looked down at his barely stirring body and turned to her friend. "What do you think?" The second girl stared down at the body, limbs splayed across the rug, mouth hanging open. The boy's nose was a bit bloody, but other than that, his chest was gently rising and falling with the small breaths that inflated his lungs. He should never, ever, have mess with her.