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This is simply a well used desk. Although not very minimal, it nonetheless depicts how environment lends itself to producing your best work. This owner is surrounded by all the creature comforts and you can tell he/she is really immersed in the task at hand.


To the Writer Who Wants to Write But Life is a Little Too Much in the Way ... You are a writer because you want to write. You are a writer despite life being a little too much in the way. Find a big dose of encouragement for writers in this post!

People, characters, are pretty much the reason we read any story. Your MC doesn't have to be perfect, they don't even have to be all that nice, but there is one single important thing they must do to gain the readers' admiration.

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Writers' rooms: Raymond Briggs

Raymond Briggs: The kind of work I do, which involves writing, designing and illustrating, needs a lot of space. This room is about 14 x 28 feet and is nowhere near big enough. This picture shows just a corner of it. There is also an ex-billiards table covered in equipment which the lucky scribbly-tappy writer does not need.

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I like the looks of this. | repinned by an #advertising agency from #Hamburg / #Germany - | Follow us on

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Lifestyle: Think outside the box room and take your home-office to the bottom of the garden...