IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Great Gift Wrap Organization!

Reader Space: Great Gift Wrap Organization!

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26 UHeart Organizing: Shut the Craft Door

Gift wrap storage in a closet's dead space. Might add a base for the paper so they're not sitting in dust bunnies.

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Genius way to store wrapping paper! Uses that dead space in the closet and keeps wrapping paper easily accessible.

Before and after: From messy and unorganized to color-coded! An orderly gift wrapping station makes wrapping gifts a pleasure.

Organized Gift Wrapping Station - The Home Depot

Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

Gift Wrap Storage Solutions

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DIY:  Cup hooks and dowels holding wrapping paper... easy!  This would be a great way to store foil, saran wrap, etc. in the kitchen.

Great Gift Wrap Storage Ideas

Cup hooks holding the dowels make it easy to switch out paper seasonally or when a roll is finished. womansday Cup hooks holding the dowels make it easy to switch…

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wrapping paper storage hacks

This convenient table holds gift wrap and accessories and features measurements silk-screened on the table for accurate paper cutting. When it's folded up into itself, a chalkboard gives you space for notes.

Dowels on hooks for a fast and easy ribbon or wrapping paper dispenser.

It can be frustrating to store those rolls of gift wrap and ribbons. Here are some ways to organize gift wrapping supplies to make wrapping gifts a breeze.

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Easy Ways to Store Gift Wrapping Supplies

Corral wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and other holiday gift wrapping supplies with these easy storage projects you can finish in a weekend.