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Worth Of Web Calculator is the world& website value calculator. websites evaluated since Website worth, revenue and traffic estimates.

Learn how to organize your home with Melissa Michaels, creator of one of the top home decorating and organizing blogs on the web, The Inspired Room.


Month by Month decluttering goals. NEED to do for The Decluttered Home - with Melissa Michaels

The Art of Naming a Business [Infographic]

The Perfect Business Name Forumula: How to Name Your Business the Right Way

What’s in a Name: The Art of Naming a Business. Naming Your Business. Choosing Your Business Name.

Minimalistic one pager to promote a contemporary concept furniture brand called 'Mood'. Enjoying the less-is-more approach with tons of whitespace and lovely touch with the scrolling header background effect.

Identity for Mood, a contemporary concept furniture brand. “When you read the word ‘mood’ you see the word ‘wood’, your brain starts to invoke the raw texture and feeling of natural wood and the nostalgic feelings associated with it.

This is a great use of four different colors, not sure I like the colors but I like how they incorporated 4 main colors

FlatDesign is a showcase of some of the best examples of web design using the flat UI style/aesthetic.

Nike National Team Kits 2014 on Web Design Served

Debby Hal on

the last great discounts of sunglassés. no matter the style or color,

"30 Must Have Tools for Web Developers," web design and development infographic by Placester.

As the Developer Evangelist at Placester, it's my job to help developers out there love our platform.

iAnnotate: iAnnotate has you covered for all of your PDF needs. It allows you to highlight, mark up, and note anything necessary on a PDF. At $9.99 it is more expensive than many apps, but is well worth it – its the best PDF app out there, hands down.

For teachers wanting to go paperless, here is a great list of the tools you'll need to become completely digital!

9 Most Important Features for Mobile Sites

9 Most Important Features for Mobile Sites

Top 500 U.S. E-Retailers - Gap closes the gap between e-commerce and stores - Internet Retailer

Top 500 U. E-Retailers - Wal-Mart outlines its e-commerce priorities - Internet Retailer

Stephen King- I'd love to pick his brain! Bag of Bones is by far my favorite book of his and A&E is making a tv movie to premier in December!

Talisman essay Talisman Energy Inc. (Talisman) is an independent Canadian oil and gas producer. Talisman is a company that has been through a great deal of criticism due to their negative experience in Sudan in previous years.

Horsetail and creeping Jenny--great contrast of colors and textures

Horsetail and creeping jenny - very compatible, they both like it wet. This kind of plant combination is fairly easy to maintain because it doesn't need a drain hole in pot, you can fill it with many days worth of water, even in hot weather.

Free Responsive Email Template - Part I

With mobile here to stay and so many of our users inquiring about best practices for developing responsive emails, we figured it's a great time to offer up a series of free email templates to get you up and running as fast as possible.

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