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Gutbusting foods: The world's biggest burger, hot dog, meatball, cupcake, pizza, sausage and more

A whole lot of dough

World's biggest pizza- some call it greedy i call it heaven placed on my menu! Whoever made the first ever pizza... I serloute you!

New Yorker has the world's largest pizza box collection

New Yorker Scott Weiner, pictured, has entered the world record books after he collected 750 pizza boxes from 40 countries across the globe and has become a professional pizza tour guide.

That's topped the lot! Italians reclaim title for world's largest pizza after five chefs bake 130ft margherita

World's Largest Pizza, Rome, Italy - 19,800 lbs of mozzarella, 8,800 lbs of tomato sauce, 130 ft wide! When the pizza was cut up, much of it donated to local food shelters.

Calling all chocoholics: Thorntons unveils its 29 million calorie bar that weighs the same as two elephants

Now that's a lot of chocolate! This chocolate bar was created by Thornton's in Derbyshire county, UK. It weighs as much as two elephants, is more than twice as tall as a man and contains 29 million calories!

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Top 5 world record breaking largest foods

The world's biggest cupcake This 1,224lb (555kg) triple vanilla cupcake with pink frosting set a record as the largest cupcake in the world, when the sugary behemoth was unveiled in August at a classic cars event in Michigan. Michigan is clearly the go-to state for record breaking foodstuffs