Ich glaube, dass muss ich auch mal machen xD

18 Signs You're Dating A Nerd

Awesome idea for a nerdy party with my friends! Or just to keep in my room for drinks. Awesome for video game marathons or rpg parties

ArtStation - Week #2 - Warcraft Characters, Cristina Arenas

ArtStation - Week #2 - Warcraft Characters, Cristina Arenas

A precious memory... by Shinsen.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Hello all This artwork was a really long project and its finally done, probably the one that took me the most time so far I made this drawing while writ. A precious memory.

Get acquainted with WarCraft by taking a look at this timeline! - Legion coming soon :)

History of War: Timeline of the World of Warcraft [Infographic]

Warcraft debuts on June but the universe is expansive. Dive into the historical timeline of the best-selling World of Warcraft video game franchise.

"Healing" in World of Warcraft Lol, I was just commenting on this last night as I soaked the tank for the hundredth time :) Love the pally "flashlight".

"Healing" in World of Warcraft