World thinking day

World thinking day is on the 22nd February each year, it's a time where brownies, guides and scouts are encouraged to think about brownies, guides and scouts in other countries all around the world...

World Thinking Day – Brownie Uniforms from around the world.

World Thinking Day Colouring Page

World Thinking Day Colouring Page World Thinking Day is celebrated by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts all over the world on February each year.

flag crafts for World Thinking Day - cute with all girls handprints together

Printable Flag Handprint Wreath - great activity to gear up for the Summer Olympics in London

Games to Learn: Girl Scout World Thinking Day – February 22nd When planning your World Thinking Day event you may choose to find countries where Girl Guiding/ Girl Scouting exists. Learn a game, song, craft, recipe, or activity unique to those countries and share it with girls. Another idea is to learn more about the 5 …

6 Fun Games To Play At Your Thinking Day Event Including a Memory Matching Game

This game will teach your girls 12 different facts about each of the 5 countries with the world centres. I created this game to allow for variation based on

During your Girl Scout World Thinking Day event teach your girls all about Girl Guides, WAGGGS, World Centres and more using a fun game of bingo. There are 24 different facts. When you draw a word tell the girls what each thing means. After one game play again and have girls tell you what each …

24 Thinking Day Fun Fact Bingo Game To Play With Your Troop

Here is a website with multiple games from countries all around the world. Adds a fun hands on dimension to your World Thinking Day activities.

I was looking for some international games to play with my girls, and I came across this website, Games Kids Play. Just a few countries ar…

Free printable International Fact Cards fit perfectly into our World Thinking Day Passports. See if your country is available and print fact cards. Leave them on your cultural table for visitors to put in their passports. Free printables available at

MakingFriends International Fact Cards Print our country fact cards to fit inside your Thinking Day passport at your International or Thinking Day event