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Record Breakers: The 2016 Guinness Book of World Records, in pics

From the fluffiest bunny to the poppiest eyeballs, the launch of the Guinness Book of World Records 2016 record breakers (please don't try these at home)

Snow Lady. Bethel, Maine. Guinness Book of World Records. Tallest Snow Woman Ever. Wow...her arms are TREES.

This Is What It's Like To Drive A Car 633 MPH

Richard Noble breaking the world speed record at Bonneville in 1983 with the Thrust2 blasting through the salt flats at 633.468 mph.

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Meet Bertie, the fastest tortoise in the West!

Purin, the nine-year-old Beagle from Chiba, Japan, has broken her own previous record of 11, taking the number of balls caught by a dog with paws in one minute up to 14

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World Land Speed Record holders

Thrust SuperSonic Car in the Black Rock Desert, USA, crossing the measured mile in 1997 with Andy Green at the controls. With a top speed of 763mph Green became the fastest man on the planet - and the first to break the sound barrier on land. He now hopes to smash this record with the 1,000mph Bloodhound SSC

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Major Henry Segrave in 'Sunbeam' the car in which he was to break the world land speed record in March with an average speed of over 200mph - 24 January 1927

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