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ASD News An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory -


If I Had A World Of My Own- | Alice in Wonderland | Vintage Art Illustration | Erica Massaro, EDMPoetryPhotography on Etsy.


So God this is so accurate.People are impressionable and accept the impressions that the media imprints on them in a split second!They know nothing and they Judge like they know the world,like they are aware.They are nothing but blind and stupid and get offended when this is pointed out. Go and read the Quran; where does it ask you to kill, rape and exploit children and women. Where does it ask us to kill or even eat the flesh of our brothers. Yes you! You'd better get your facts…

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Someday I Will....

Someday I will….. - - I adore Jimmy Buffet. While not quite as obsessed as many of his parrot head tribe, following him around the world on tour dates, I have been an avid fan for many a year. In fact, our truck-campers name of … Continue reading → The post Someday I will….. appeared first on The Next Big Adventure. #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel #travel #4x4

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Zakaria offers parting words

Delivering Harvard’s Commencement address, journalist Fareed Zakaria told members of the Class of 2012 to trust themselves as they journey into a world that is more peaceful and contains more opportunities than ever before.


Russia accused of war crimes in Syria at UN security council session | World news | The Guardian

Political Islam... If you are even slightly awake about the world news today, it is no surprise that Christians are being killed, raped and brutalized throughout the Islamic world. However, there is a place where you can go and escape the dreadful and relentless details of Christian annihilation by Islam.


Inflation markets spooked by the prospect of very low price inflation - - #Inflation

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