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I also wanted to include the different ways in which media talks about war. In many cases they show soldiers and heros and people support this more than the reports about the traumas they go through. I had to different news reports edited to sjow how some people only hear the good and how there is so much more than just being a hero.

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Under the dome: The world's largest indoor beach ... right in the middle of the German countryside

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Jamie's 14 'hero' foods that help you live to 100

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The harvest mouse surveys his land: Britain's smallest rodent uses straw as stilts to look out for signs of danger

Nimble: The harvest mouse grips two stalks with its hind legs and uses his long tail as an anchor while taking time out to scratch its nose

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New York secret rooftop world – Alex Maclean

The High Line, an elevated park in the sky built on top of the tracks of a disused railway, weaves its way through the city blocks | Repinned from @talisvas | #LivableCities

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Photographer captures rare 'fire rainbow cloud' above Florida as Mother Nature puts on spectacular light show

A circumhorizon arc captured in Delray Beach, Florida falls behind the dark storm cloud

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Matthew Williamson's London apartment featured in The World of Interiors magazine May 2015 - Photographed by Simon Upton.

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Tower Bridge unveils glass walkway with dizzying views over Thames

Long way down: The glass floor panels weigh over 1,000 pounds each and required a 20-strong team to install

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Snow leopard delights visitors as he frolicks with mother in the snow

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How can you help the World's most endangered species?

The beautifully detailed photos feature the Sumatran tiger (pictured), which is classed as 'critically endangered' by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, with numbers in the wild falling

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