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All world country flags. - There are around 200 countries in the world, including large ones, small ones, old ones, new ones, disputed ones and some controlled by other countries or kingdoms (politics is complicated!).

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Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them #infographic #Flags #Travel

Flags of the World: The Stories Behind Them #infographic

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Our local community board. Using an old car mat and photographs from where the children visit over the year at pre-school such as the post office, tea room, doctors, dentist, hairdressers, shop, etc. EYFS Links: Understanding The World

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Where in the World is your Food from? (Food Mapping!)

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Beautiful illustration of linguistic family tree shows origins of the world's most popular languages

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I love! It has all the maps you'll need for studying Geography! We're doing all of Europe including all the bodies of water & landforms.

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A Proportional Perspective of the World's Native Languages

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World Map Wallpaper

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Ok, we'll start with this 'little' list...Timeline of World War II in Europe...#ingraphics

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