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Emma Watson spoke in front of world leaders at the World Economic Forum, addressing the need to get something done about the global gender inequality problems.

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Emma Watson's Overwhelming UN Response

Emma Watson addresses World Economic Forum in Davos: read details from her inspiring speech today


This is how stress is affecting your thinking and decision making | World Economic Forum

Trump and the dollar: what it means for the US and the rest of the world | World Economic Forum

Why the left keeps losing? Is terrorism rising? And other must-read stories of the week | World Economic Forum

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Gender pay gap 'may take 118 years to close' - World Economic Forum

A section in Chp.5 discusses that women have entered the paid workforce in record numbers but hey frequently receive less pay for their work than do men.This article talks about the progress on closing the gap and how more women are entering the workplace. A quarter of a billion women are in the global workforce today than a decade ago.In some countries,more women are now going to school than men.Yet,women still aren't occupying skilled roles or leadership positions.

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From the World Economic Forum, Rachel Carrell (CEO of Koru Kids) explains why we need flexible childcare to respond to freelance and gig jobs -- and gives some ideas of what could help.

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Google's Eric Schmidt claims the 'internet will disappear'

Internet will disappear – Every job created in the sector, there were seven more created in non-technology roles, and claimed that a digital single market in Europe would help to create 4m new jobs. What happens to the job that is lost? It's the same thing that happened when people stopped farming and started using tractors. They find new skills and services.