Gorgeous, vintage world map clock in frame. This is a vintage world map clock, using the map of the world by Adam Friedrich Zurner (17th century). Around the border are 26 smaller astronomical diagrams and hemispheres of the world. A panorama along the bottom illustrates tempests, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tides occurring at various locations around the world.

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Seismic Monitor : Recent earthquakes on a world map with regional zoom headlines and more. : IRIS Earthquake Browser: the latest quakes or choose up to 10 thousand from from an archive of 3.4 million dated 1970 to minutes ago. IEB also allows you to rotate quakes in 3D! (no Flash or Java used)

The Ring of Fire contains over 450 volcanoes and is home to approximately 75% of the world's active volcanoes; as well, nearly 90% of the world's earthquakes occur in this area.

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Plate Tectonics World map of volcanoes, earthquakes, impact craters, and plate tectonics — our most popular map!

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All earthquakes since 1898 Need a reminder of the relationship between earthquakes and plate tectonics? Look no further than this map of the world’s earthquakes since 1898, providing a beautiful glowing outline of Earth’s tectonic boundaries. Created by data visualisation company IDV Solutions, this map highlights all 203,186 earthquakes that have occurred, of magnitude 4.0 or greater.

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