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'Who Hired A Stripper?' This Female Welder Proves Why We Still Need Feminism In 2015

I need feminism because..."Who hired a stripper?" --- This really sucks. I am so angry for her. It is way too common for women to be compared to strippers or prostitutes, no matter what profession, as if that's all women are good for.


Street Harassment // I think men are firmly aware that they are not being complimentary. I think they do it in anger at women who they feel on some level reject them. Most street harassers are lower in status than the woman they are harassing. At least in my experience.

Infographic: How to Deal with a Bully at Work. I hope a few (ok a lot of) things change if/when I ever graduate...

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This Week in Employee Rights: the High and the Low

learned this difficult lesson with many of my close bestfriends which only in the end led to two friendships ending


Some insurance companies already have included bullying in their employment practice liability coverage. Among them is Chartis. In 2010, the insurance company introduced Employment Edge, an employment practices liability policy that includes workplace bullying within its definition of harassment.

Bullying In The Workplace - Are You One Of The 1 In 5 Affected? published on

Tips for Dealing with Workplace Harassment and Bullying

Workplace harassment is a serious problem and it is alarming how often it goes unreported. Here are some tips to help you address bullying at work.


Do it! #workplacebullying... have the documents, the proof, of workplace bullying, but it's difficult to know what to do with it once you retire from that workplace, isn't it.