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Creative Multiple Exposure Photography by Stephanie Jung

Stephanie Jung is a German photographer with a very individual perspective on urban landscapes. Her multiple exposure series from Japan is particularly impressive, featuring her unique view on areas such as Tokyo, Osaka, Shibuya and Nara.

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Magazine - Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

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"It shattered so easily, I couldn't imagine that I had done something wrong. Sirens blared in my ears, drowning Reya's voice."

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Is too much choice leading to overwhelm in your life? With stress, depression and anxiety accounting for 70 million working days lost every year in the UK, at a cost of £100 billion, how do we find ways to push less and bring more flow into our lives Image @Nevess | Credit photography incrusted: Matthew Malkiewicz

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Magazine - New Paintings by Cesar Biojo

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Jenny Saville's work - in pictures

FIGURES: Credit: (c) 2012 Jenny Saville, image courtesy Gagosian Gallery Stare (drawing), 2006-2010

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Slow Magic - Corvette Cassette (clip)

The silhouette was changed into another picture. I think that they incorporated the other picture very well. This shows that they have good editing skills. I think the combination of the ocean and the street scene works well because it draws attention.

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Magazine - Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

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