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The arty latte... or how to turn coffee into sculpture: Japanese artist creates foamy artworks using toothpick and a spoon

Intricate: Some sculptures, such as this cat watching fish in a pond, spread over two cups. Many show popular cartoon characters, such as the three-eyed aliens from Toy Story

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Hah! Well, it technically worked. - Imgur

Simpsons artist creates adorable animal cartoons in her spare time

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SHONDA RHIMES: A screenwriter’s advice

Mr Benn was my favourite show and I failed to realise how few episodes there actually were of this genius creation.

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You go girl>>>>> This movie has some of the best and most gender stereotype breaking characters ever.<<<what movie is this? Become a champion for women's rights at

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Allotment community - Norman Thelwell cartoon is one of PUNCH's best=loved illustrations. From the 1954 Summer Number.

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