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Swedish company Träullit produce Dekor Tiles from an environmentally-friendly recyclable material, made from ‘wood-wool’, cement & water. This combination of natural components is simple & clever. Wood fibres make the tiles sound-absorbent & give the product a heat-insulating, heat-retaining quality. This contributes to lower energy costs, reducing environmental impact. Cement provides strength, moisture resistance & fire protection.

VMZINC's Structural Roof is a construction system combining a standing seam roofing in VMZ Zinc plus with rigid mineral wool insulation laid on supporting structures in steel, wood or concrete. It's a modular warm roof system for any type of deck (steel sheets, wood, concrete), suitable for low to high hygrometry, that can be used in all types of roof.

from Celtic Sustainables

Thermafleece - Cosywool Sheeps Wool Insulation

Thermafleece Cosywool Rolls are a easy to use sheep wool based insulation, supplied in compressed packed rolls for quick installation. Great for lofts, roofs, walls and floor insulation.


Chelsea Flower Show 2010: 10 Bunny Guinness picks from garden designs

The Sustainable Highland Garden, designed by Amber Goudy, who lives in a house made of recycled newspaper, featured part of a sustainable straw bale croft. Amber's technique involves putting lime render directly onto straw bales. Sheep wool is used to insulate the roof. It would probably outlive a modern des-res

from Inhabitat

Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles Made From Sound-Absorbing "Wood Wool"

(2) The tiles are made from wood fibers mixed with cement and water, and they have sound-absorbing properties that can actually improve the acoustics of a room.