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What Kind Of Hippie Are You?

A little throwback for you festival addicts? | #SHOPTobi | Festival Fanatic | Find your festival look at

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Woodstock 1969.....and the year I turned 21!!! ...and I met my future husband. It was a very good year!

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History repeats itself.. and we don't learn from our mistakes... ____________________________ Americana agrees. That is all.

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Woodstock 40 years on: The legend, the legacy

A vintage poster from the Woodstock music festival - Woodstock 40 years on: The legend, the legacy

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Woodstock: previously unseen images

Hendrix,1969. Woodstock...I saw him in person with Bobby Rees in Muncie at the fairgrounds when we were teens. So cool!!

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Bell bottoms! Or we called them loon pants and machined inserts in to make even wider

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60's: - dramatic eyes = heavy eyeliner (sometimes winged)/ false eyelashes - pale lips

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