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What Kind Of Hippie Are You?

A little throwback for you festival addicts? | #SHOPTobi | Festival Fanatic | Find your festival look at


This amazing woman, Jenny Brown, founded Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary with her husband, and recently wrote a book about her transformation from conservative Southern baptist to ardent animal activist. Her book, The Lucky Ones, was just released this week (!) and she’s allowing us to give away a copy to one lucky reader! Enter to win now!


Details about Reclaimed Wood, Pallet Coffee Table, Rustic, Loft Chic. 4 drawers


Don't buy the humane lie - Free range, cage free, grass fed, humanely raised, compassionate farming, all natural - If you truly love animals, don't eat them. © Woodstock Sanctuary


<3 Turkeys are affectionate and love to be petted! Even turkeys who have known great cruelty at human hands will happily sit for hours having their feathers stroked. Beatrice, pictured here, is a former factory farm turkey rescued by Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Despite having been mutilated by humans as a baby, Beatrice loves to seek out cuddles from the humans who visit her. Yet another reason to be a vegetarian!