Beautiful new wooden folding chair introduced at ICFF. Finally, a decent folding chair!

David Irwin's re-imagining of the wooden folding chair at the 2015 ICFF is so contemporary, comfortable and elegant, you won't want to hide it in the closet

Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs...... - Cottage in the Oaks

Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs

I have been to a lot of parties, and I have never seen chairs as cool as these. This wooden folding chair looks really comfortable. Wouldn't this just make a party a lot more fun?

Fruitwood folding chair with padded seat, in actual wood! Not resin (plastic) like others. Your event deserves only the best.

Double Wooden Folding Chairs - Provenance

Double Wooden Folding Chairs - Provenance

Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs

Vintage Wooden Folding Chairs - Home Furniture Design

Portable Folding Chair Design, Bag Chair by Stevan Djurovic

- Bag Chair - by Stevan Djurovic, via Behance-- I love that it has a back. Most of the portable chairs I see don't have backs.

Складной табурет своими руками


Handsome and practical folding stool. Plans are in Russian but you can use a…