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MOBO MOGA – meaning Modern Boy Modern Girl, refers to modern Japanese individuals in the 1930′s. Avant Garde, individualism were much celebrated in art, fashion and lifestyle. Much of this part of history was ignored both in Japan and the world because of the actual horrors of the war immediately followed.

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Women New Hezwagarcia Japan Edition Silk Rayon Nylon Beautiful Ruffle Frill Lace Mesh Sheer Sheen Elegant Ankle Socks Stocking in Blush

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Traditional Japanese Kimono (female). The style of this particular Kimono gives quite a regal feel which is something I should consider when looking at hierarchy of the characters within my animation. In addition, the colours are quite interesting as there is a large contrast between light and dark, which is also something I should think about.

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A Japanese farmer girl, in traditional clothing, carrying a basket, 1921. National Geographic. Note the high geta with covered toes.

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Ikenaga Yasunari - The Japanese Art of Nihonga Redefined

This young lady is a wonderful example how cool it is to wear Kimono in modern life. Such pure and natural attitude! A snap shot on a street in Harajuku, Tokyo.

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35 Iconic Sights You Can Only See in Kyoto

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Winter weather around the world - in pictures

Winter weather around the world - in pictures | World news | The Guardian

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