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Women's Tribal Looks

Mara Hoffman Autumn/Winter 2014 Ready-To-Wear show report

Black, white, and boho....hooded maxi dress skirt outfit look by Mara Hoffman autumn/ winter 2014 - 2015

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"Kyrgyzstan; Ethnic Jewellery of Central Asia" Kadyrov (Author), Ian Caytor (Editor), V. Kadyrov (Illustrator) || This image is on the cover of the book.

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Scarification is a permanent form of adornment which has been practised throughout history. Evidence from Saharan rock paintings suggest it’s use in 8000 – 5000 BC. By cutting the skin and manipulating the healing process or by branding, intricate designs can be created. Scarification in an indigenous context is mostly practised in Africa and Australia.

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Arduinna is the Gaulish Goddess of the Forest. The region of Western Europe known as the Ardennes shares her name, and was where her worship originated. Arduinna rode a wild boar through the forests, exacting a fine for animals killed there. When the Romans came to Gaul, she was associated with Diana, another forest Goddess. Arduinna’s name, which means “height,” is also seen as Ardwinna.

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They look extremely heavy, but those neck rings are awesome. At least she can remove them! Desert Dreamer, Johannesburg South Africa

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the work of John Kenny. Beautiful photography the exposure is perfect look at the reflective light in her eyes and the soft tones on her skin, talented photographer

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Tuscany Silver Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia 4 Row Crossover Bangle

African print and ruffles dress, but I'd have to work like Michelle Obama works out to get those arms again. Sigh ... doable? Yeah, it is.

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